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Western Recycled Water Coalition (WRWC)

The Western Recycled Water Coalition (WRWC), formerly the Bay Area Recycled Water Coalition (BARWC), is an independent group of cities and public agencies in the Western United States working together under a Memorandum of Agreement to advocate federal funding for water reuse projects.  Since its inception, Delta Diablo (District) has served as the lead agency for the Coalition.  There are currently 15 member agencies in the WRWC.

WRWC has helped secure over $50 Million in appropriations and grant funds to construct eleven projects, and $3.4 Million for feasibility studies and project planning for 14 new projects.  WRWC is open to any public agency or investor-owned water utility with a recycled water project that can be considered for authorization or appropriation.  WRWC members sign a Memorandum of Agreement and meet monthly to collaborate on our approach to seeking authorization and appropriation, and to share related knowledge and information of benefit to WRWC.

The District has received funding through WRWC participation to help construct the Pittsburg Recycled Water Project and the Antioch Recycled Water Project.

Please see the WRWC website at for additional information.