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Key Capital Projects

Delta Diablo (District) prioritizes the repair and replacement of its equipment and facilities via a comprehensive Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  This reflects strong fiscal responsibility ensuring successful, long-term rehabilitation of our infrastructure and investment of ratepayer funds to provide essential community wastewater services to residents and businesses in Antioch, Bay Point, and Pittsburg.

Key Capital Projects


  • Resource Recovery Facility Master Plan

The intent of the Resource Recovery Facility Master Plan (RRFMP) is to provide the District with a strategic planning document focused on near and long-term infrastructure improvements to address asset condition, hydraulic capacity, treatment capacity, and regulatory requirements. The RRFMP will evaluate components of the District’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Recycled Water Facility (RWF), and supporting infrastructure. The RRFMP is intended to provide the District with an integrated and strategic guidance document with in-depth analysis in key areas to guide significant infrastructure investment decisions in the near and long term. The RRFMP will be an “action-oriented” document that highlights specific measures and triggers that support decision making over the next few years, while maintaining a 20-year planning horizon.

Point of Contact:  Brian Thomas, Engineering Services Director, (925) 756-1928

Project Schedule:  October 2019 – July 2021

  • Headwork Improvements, Project No. 17117

This project includes design and construction of rehabilitated headworks and grit removal facilities at the District wastewater treatment plant.  The existing headworks and grit removal facilities are nearing the end of their service life.  Replacement is needed to increase operational reliability and handle projected wastewater flows for the next 20 years.

Point of Contact: Thahn Vo, Senior Engineer, (925) 756-1949

Construction Schedule:  2020

Project Status:  Project is advertised for bids. Contractors interested in learning more about this opportunity are encouraged to register their firms online now at Bid Sync, and check the bid board for the Delta Diablo project. There is no cost to register or download documents. 

  • Bay Point Sewer Repairs, Phase 4, Project No. 18119

This project will replace or rehabilitate about 1.5 miles of existing 6" to 10" diameter deteriorated pipeline infrastructure in the community of Bay Point.

Construction Flyer English.pdfEnglish Map Bay Point Sewer Repairs Phase 4.pdfConstruction Flyer rev spanish.pdfSpanish Map Reparaciones de Alcantarillas en Bay Point.pdfGas Utility Incident_092319.pdf

Point of Contact:  Thahn Vo, Senior Engineer, (925) 756-1949

Construction Schedule:  July 2019 to April 2020

Project Status:  Under Construction

  • Treatment Plant Switchgear Replacement 

The switchgear system distributes utility and back-up emergency power to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Treatment Plant building, and Household Hazardous Waste Facility.  The existing Treatment Plant switchgear is nearing the end of its useful life and requires replacement.  The design was prepared by LEE & RO, Inc. and is scheduled to be released for public bidding in November 2020.  

Point of contact:  Irene O’Sullivan, Associate Engineer, 

Bid Schedule:  November 2020 - December 2020

Project Status: Finalizing design documents

  • Resource Recovery Facility Condition Assessment, Project No. 18121 

This project will provide for field inspection and evaluation of the District's conveyance pipelines and related structures; development of a prioritization plan for replacement/rehabilitation/maintenance for an additional 30-year useful life; and development of a model for risk and consequence of failure analysis.

Point of contact:  Irene O’Sullivan, Associate Engineer, (925) 756-1917

Planning Schedule:  March 2018 - March 2019

Project Status:  Under Contract

  • Treatment Plant Roadway Maintenance, Project No. 18115 

Delta Diablo (District) is taking measures to extend the useful service life of roadways at the District’s Wastewater Treatment Plant and Recycled Water Facility.  The Treatment Plant Roadway Maintenance Project will assess current pavement conditions, evaluate traffic patterns and vehicle loading, and develop transportation-based design improvements.  This project will help the District preserve existing roadway assets and help reduce future roadway maintenance costs.  Design is anticipated to begin in June, 2018.

Point of Contact:  Ian Bronswick, Assistant Engineer, (925) 756-1953

Design Schedule:  June 2018 – October 2018

Planned Start of Construction:  Summer 2019

Project Status: In Progress