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User Monitoring and Reporting

Recycled Water Self-Monitoring Report

Recycled water customers are required to complete Self-Monitoring Reports based on the frequency outlined in their Recycled Water Use Permit.  Please refer to your Use Permit to determine your self-monitoring frequency and make sure reports are submitted on time.  If a report is not submitted on time, the use site will be considered "Out of Compliance" and a Notice of Violation may be issued, leading to fines and/or lose of service.

The District may change the required frequency of monitoring and reporting to ensure recycled water customers are complying with their permit.  The User Supervisor must keep records of all incidents, repairs, system updates, and modifications made during the reporting period.  This information must be included in the monitoring report.  The User Supervisor, or his/her designee, must sign the report and submit to the District by email, fax, or postal mail.

Below is an example of a properly completed Self-Monitoring Report.  All sections must be filled in and complete for acceptance.

May contain: page, text, document, word, label, number, and symbol
May contain: document, text, page, word, and letter