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Mission, Vision & Core Values

Delta Diablo protects public health and the environment for our communities by safely providing exceptional wastewater conveyance, treatment, and resource recovery services in a sustainable and fiscally-responsible manner.

Delta Diablo will achieve sustained organizational excellence through dedicated commitment to public service, stewardship, innovation, industry leadership, and active engagement at all levels.

Value Statements
Delta Diablo has identified Behavioral Values that directly support success in achieving our shared Mission and Vision

  • Stewardship - Serve as responsible stewards of valuable public resources at all levels in the organization
  • Public Trust - Maintain public trust and confidence through excellent customer service, community engagement, transparency, and responsiveness
  • Work Environment - Ensure a positive, safe, equitable, diverse, and inclusive work environment that promotes honest, transparent, ethical, and respectful interactions
  • Communication, Trust - Communicate with intergrity to share knowledge, inspire trust and camaraderie, and maintain authentic professional relationships
  • Innovation - Embrace and manage change to support implementation of innovative approaches that add value and drive sustained organizational improvement over time
  • Teamwork, Engagement - Foster a collaborative, team-based work culture that inspires engagement, solutions-oriented dialogue, and sound decision-making processes to achieve successful outcomes
  • Accountability, Ownership - Reinforce accountability and ownership to ensure each employee is supoported in effectively contibuting to the District's overall sucess
  • Engaging to Address Key Issues - Model an open, proactive, and productive approach to resolving key issues to enhance organizational unity and alignment
  • Learning Culture - Actively seeking opportunities to build a "learning" culture by supporting indivdual and peer professional development; expanding knowledge, skills, and abilities; learning from mistakes and "near misses"; and improving work processes and use of technology