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WRWC Successes

Federal funding through Bureau of Reclamation’s Water Reclamation and Reuse Program (Title XVI) requires authorizing legislation followed by appropriations. Western Recycled Water Coalition (WRWC) successes in these areas are listed below:

Authorization Success:

  • In 2008, WRWC was acknowledged by Congress with the enactment of Public Law 110-229, which authorized seven new projects for Federal funding through the Title XVI program.
  • In October 2009, the “Bay Area Regional Water Recycling Program Expansion Act” (HR 2442) passed in the House and is now pending in the Senate (S. 1138). This Bill will authorize six new WRWC projects for Federal funding and increase the authorized amount for two more. The House Bill was cosponsored by nine members of the Bay Area Congressional Delegation.

Appropriation Success:

  • In FY 2009, Congress appropriated $11.58 million for the authorized WRWC projects.
  • In FY 2010, Congress appropriated $4.215 million for the authorized WRWC projects.
  • Five WRWC projects were competed and were allocated $19.3 million in Recovery Act funds. 
    We are currently seeking $16.1 million in FY 2011 appropriations.

Federal Budget Success:

  • $1.215 million is included in the FY 2011 President’s Budget under CALFED.

WRWC effectiveness is due to our unique regional approach, which we developed in response to a request by Sen. Dianne Feinstein that federal appropriation requests submitted to her office be a part of a greater regional solution. This regional approach was subsequently endorsed by the House Appropriations Committee, which stated, “The committee commends the regional willingness (of the WRWC) to work together in pursuing needed water recycling projects.”