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Sharps include syringes, needles, and lancets used in the medical treatment of people and animals.  Sharps placed in the trash at home, school, or other public places may fall out of containers, stick out of trash bags, or fall to the ground, creating a safety hazard. California has industry-run statewide stewardship programs that provide safe and convenient disposal options for home-generated sharps waste at no cost to the consumer.

How Do I Dispose of Home-Generated Sharps Waste?

  • MED-Project – Free sharps waste containers and mail-back services. You may order 1 sharps container at a time.
  • The Drug Takeback Solutions Foundation – Free sharps waste containers and mail-back services. You may order up to 3 sharps containers at a time.

Additional information about sharps waste stewardship can be found on the CalRecycle Sharps Waste Stewardship website.

The Delta Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility is still accepting sharps in approved sharps containers from residents of East Contra Costa County.  We cannot accept sharps from medical personnel, medical practices, assisted living facilities, senior center or any other business.  During the transition to the new statewide stewardship programs, we will still exchange full sharps containers for new, empty containers, but we will no longer be mailing new containers to residents. We encourage residents to take advantage of the free mail-back containers available through the statewide program.