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Sewer Service Charges

Delta Diablo maintains Sewer Service Charges at the same level for FY23/24 (i.e., no increase from FY22/23)

Delta Diablo provides wastewater conveyance and treatment services for over 71,000 customer accounts (residential and non-residential), representing approximately 215,000 residents in Antioch, Pittsburg, and Bay Point. In developing our budget each year, we carefully consider operational and capital investment needs to maintain effective and reliable wastewater conveyance and treatment services. Our primary revenue source for these services comes from Sewer Service Charges (SSCs) charged to residential, commercial, and industrial customers on the Contra Costa County tax roll each year.

As a result of the District’s extraordinary efforts to manage operating costs while experiencing ongoing cost increase pressures and delays in major capital project expenditures, the Board determined that no increase to SSCs is required for FY23/24 (i.e., SSCs will be maintained at the same level as in FY22/23). The District’s operating and capital funding needs can be met by rebalancing the allocation of projected FY23/24 SSC revenue between District funds to meet cash flow needs and fund balance reserve requirements. In FY23/24, SSCs for residential and non-residential customers will continue to be levied at the same rates set by Ordinance No. 122, which was adopted on June 22, 2022. These SSCs will remain in effect until changed by a future Board action.

SSCs for Pittsburg and Antioch residential customers will remain at $448.75 per year (does not include collection system charges) and Bay Point residential customers SSCs will remain at $615.77 per year (includes collection system charges). For Bay Point, the District provides wastewater collection services, and only Bay Point customers are charged for those additional services through a separate SSC component to recover wastewater collection system operating, maintenance, and rehabilitation costs.

Delta Diablo is committed to fair and reasonable rates. As a not-for-profit public agency, state law only allows the District to recover costs necessary to operate and maintain our system and ensure that it is stable and safe for the future. The District has worked hard to control costs and manage the impact of SSC on the local community. SSC are required to prioritize sustained capital investment to maintain the integrity of our aging infrastructure, while ensuring sufficient funding to meet progressive increases in operating costs and associated regulatory compliance obligations. We endeavor to meet these challenges while ensuring SSCs are below the average of peer agencies in the Bay Area region.

The District has been recognized for excellence in financial reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association and is audited annually by an independent accounting firm. As an industry leader and progressive “Utility of the Future”, the District values community engagement, serving as responsible stewards of the public’s resources and trust, transparency, innovation, and workforce engagement and development to achieve its core mission of protecting public health and the environment.

For more information, Delta Diablo has developed two fact sheets to describe key drivers associated with FY22/23 SSC increase and infrastructure investment through our capital improvement program. In addition, we have prepared a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) document to highlight additional information for our customers.

Delta Diablo SSC Increases Fact Sheet - April 2022.pdf

Delta Diablo Infrastructure Investment Fact Sheet - April 2022.pdf

Delta Diablo SSC FAQs - April 2022.pdf

FY22-23 Prop 218 Notice - Board Packet 4.21_Blk.pdf

Wastewater Rate Study (2021 Cost of Service Analysis).pdf

The District staff report and associated presentation to the Board of Directors on June 14, 2023 are provided below. 

Item D2. SSC Tax Roll Public Hearing Docket

Item D2. SSC Tax Roll Public Hearing Presentation