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Report a Sewer Spill

Delta Diablo (District) is responsible for sewer service calls in the Bay Point / Shore Acres community.

To report a sewer blockage or overflow problem, please call the appropriate number:

  •  Bay Point 925.756.1900
  •  City of Antioch 925.778.2441
  •  City of Pittsburg 925.252.4936

Frequently Asked Questions: 

My drains are clogged and sewage is backing up in my bathtub. What should I do?

Call the number above which corresponds with where your home is to report the backup, and request to have the main sewer line in the street checked. If the main is clear, you may need to contact a sewer drain and cleaning company, or a sewer contractor, for help.

The plumber says that the problem is in my sewer line in the street, past the sidewalk. Will you fix it?Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their own building sewer and lateral pipes, up to and including the connection to the District’s main sewer line located in the street.

Why do I need a permit to fix my own sewer line?

The District has permit authority and inspection jurisdiction for building sewer repairs, and you must obtain a permit before starting any work. You or your contractor can obtain a permit at our District offices at 2500 Pittsburg-Antioch Highway, Antioch CA 94509. Our phone number is 925.756.1900.

Your crew was working on my street, now my toilet is making a funny noise. Why?

Typical industry cleaning equipment uses high-pressure water to clean sewers. During this process, air within the main pipe is displaced and sometimes goes up the private lateral pipe and releases through the toilet. This is sometimes referred to as a “bubbling toilet”.