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Current CIP FY23/24 - FY27/28

The District has developed a 5-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for FY23/24-FY27/28 (see link to CIP Program Summary below) to guide planning, design, construction, and financing of prioritized capital projects in the District’s wastewater conveyance, collection, and treatment systems, and recycled water system. These critical projects are necessary to ensure the continued effective and reliable operation of existing infrastructure, address future service needs, and meet current and future regulatory requirements. The District’s CIP is updated each year to reflect current priorities, address new project needs, and adjust estimated project costs and implementation schedules. In addition, this process assists in identifying long-term financial and resource needs and required budget appropriations required to support project implementation at the start of each fiscal year.

During development of the CIP, the District coordinated with planning agencies in its service area (i.e., the cities of Antioch and Pittsburg, and Contra Costa County) to ensure that recommended projects in the CIP are consistent with the respective agency’s applicable specific and general plans.  Additional supporting documentation used during CIP development included city collection system master plans and detailed master plans prepared by the District for its wastewater treatment, recycled water, and conveyance system facilities.

The CIP includes a total of approximately $139.1 million in prioritized capital improvements addressing significant changes to existing projects, as well as addition of new priorities. The majority of the District’s capital spending is recommended to be cash funded (versus debt financed) to provide the highest overall value to the District’s customers.

District staff presented the draft 5-year CIP to the Board of Directors on May 10, 2023 (see link to presentation below). A Public Hearing was held on June 14, 2023 prior to the Board of Directors considering adoption of the CIP. In addition, a link to a fact sheet summarizing the District’s investment in critical wastewater infrastructure is provided below.

FY24-FY28 CIP Program Summary

FY24-FY28 CIP Presentation 061423.pdf

DD Infrastructure Investment Fact Sheet May 2020.pdf