Western Recycled Water Coalition (WRWC)

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Purple PipeThe Western Recycled Water Coalition (WRWC), formerly the Bay Area Recycled Water Coalition (BARWC), is an independent group of cities and agencies in the Western United States working together under a Memorandum of Agreement to advocate federal funding water reuse projects in the region.  Since its inception, Delta Diablo (District) has served as the lead agency for the Coalition.  There are currently 22 member agencies in the WRWC. 

WRWC has successfully sought federal legislation to fund eight projects to date and continues to seek congressional authorization and funding for recycled water projects as new agencies and/or projects join WRWC.  WRWC is open to any public agency or investor-owned water utility with a recycled water project that can be considered for authorization or appropriation.  WRWC annually recruits new member agencies during the summer months.  WRWC members sign a Memorandum of Agreement and meet monthly to collaborate on our approach to seeking authorization and appropriation and to share related knowledge and information of benefit to WRWC.  WRWC has secured over $34 Million in appropriations (FY 2009, 2010, and American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funding) to construct eight projects, and $3.4 Million for feasibility studies and project planning for 14 new projects.

Key Findings from 2013 National Recycled Water Projects Survey
Gary Darling, General Manager for the District, represented the WRWC when presenting key findings from the recent 2013 National Recycled Water Projects survey at the Association of California Water Agencies’ national conference in Los Angeles on December 3, 2013.  The survey focused on identifying where funds were being spent for developing recycled water projects over the next 10 years, including planning, environmental review, design, and construction.

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WRWC Successes

Please see the WRWC website at westernrecycledwatercoalition.org for additional information.

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