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Delta Diablo Welcome Video 

As a component of our support for Linked Learning opportunities with high schools in our service area, Delta Diablo staff collaborated with students from Antioch High School Media & Visual Arts Academy to produce a series of videos on our agency as their end of year school project. The first one was titled “Welcome to Delta Diablo” and can be viewed below.



Wastewater World

Educational video explaining how to prevent fats, oils, and greases (FOG) from damaging homes and the environment. Sewer overflows and backups can cause health hazards, damage home interiors, and threaten the environment.  An increasingly common cause of overflows is sewer pipes blocked by grease.  Grease gets into the sewer from household drains, garbage disposals, and kitchen sinks.  Intended audience is 5th grade science students.  Winner of 2008 Best Educational/Amateur Video (Chris Wiggins and Trevor Marsh), California Water Environment Association Film Festival.

Wastewater World Video


"Recycled Water is a Valuable Resource for San Francisco Bay Area" Documentary

Delta Diablo operates one of the largest industrial water recycling facilities in Northern California.  Located 50 miles east of San Francisco in the heart of the California Delta, it has generated 21 Billion Gallons of recycled water since 2000.  This short documentary demonstrates how an award-winning water quality agency processes recycled water to meet the State's strict regulatory requirements while providing beneficial reuse at two (2) local power plants where it supplies tower cooling water, landscape irrigation at twelve (12) city parks and two (2) local golf courses, and dust control.



2016 East Bay Innovation Award

Delta Diablo was selected as the 2016 East Bay Innovation Award Catalyst from the East Bay Economic Development Alliance. Presented at the Fox Theater in Oakland on February 25 2016, in front of an audience of hundreds from business, government and the non-profit sectors, the event was a result of months-long competition for the best use of innovation across eight industry sectors. Over 100 nominations for the eight categories were submitted. This Catalyst award recognizes Delta Diablo for “transcending organizational boundaries to pull East Bay assets together in new ways and/or catalyze new thinking or processes”. The following video contains additional information.





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