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antioch school children with microscopeScience education and pollution prevention activities continue to be an important component of the Delta Diablo (District) community engagement program.

Each year over 700 local 5th grade students are sponsored to participate in science programs on board the Delta Discovery Voyages research vessel Robert Brownlee.

Local students and groups also undertook tours to our treatment plant, recycled water facility and laboratory as part of science learning curriculum.

Our experienced laboratory staff regularly visits Antioch, Bay Point and Pittsburg classrooms to work with students on interactive pollution prevention activities and discussions.

The District also partners with local education institutions, such as Los Medanos College, Solano Community College, and the Regional Occupational Program (ROP). These partnerships offer important education-business alliance building opportunities, such as internships and “hands-on” training, for students who want to earn training hours towards an industry-required certificate. It also allows students to experience studies in a real-life, real-work settings.

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