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Help your local street sweepers

Post Date:01/18/2018 2:38 PM

The Press, Dec 28, 2017 

Editor:  Delta Diablo is responsible for street-sweeping services in Antioch, Bay Point and Pittsburg - but we cannot do it alone.

We need help from residents to move cars and clear debris to ensure that street-sweeping vehicles can easily access gutters and roadways.  Also, our street-sweeping services are not intended to dispose of leaves. We ask customers to please not sweep or rake large piles of leaves from their yard into the street or into storm-drain catch basins.  When this happens, the street sweeper is unable to handle these large piles and is forced to go around them.  Leaves can also clog drains and catch basins, causing floods.  Residents should use residential green waste cans or garden bags.

Rainwater often carries street debris – trash, leaves, cigarette butts, grass clippings, pet wastes and vehicle fluids – into storm drains.  Also pesticides, paints, antifreeze and used motor oil can end up in our river when people dispose of them improperly.  Not only do we get our drinking water from the river, but we also use our rivers and the Delta as a recreation area and a valuable natural habitat.

Street sweeping is an important pollution-prevention service.  While we can’t predict what storms or rain levels we may face this winter, our customers can play an active role in helping protect their homes, community and the environment from potential flooding and contamination.  Some immediate easy steps include:

•  Be sure to move your car on your designated street-sweeping day;

•  Keep the roadway in front of your home clear of any obstructions, such as ramps, weeds and basketball hoops;

•  Do not pile debris, leaves, grass clippings, vegetation and wood in gutters;

•  Keep shrubs, bushes and trees from encroaching upon your curb or sidewalk with regular trimmings;

•  Be vigilant about your local storm-water drain outlet. If safe, use a rake to remove leaves and other debris to allow free water flow.

Street-sweeping vehicles are not intended as green waste haulers.  They cannot pick up large piles of leaves.  Street-sweeping schedules by city street name are available at our website,

Angela Lowry, Delta Diablo, Public Information Manager 


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